Roster Roundup - The Knives are Out!

Over at SBI, Ives says his sources tell him United is actively shopping one of their midfielders after picking up Vide. What's the over/under on Dyachenko? The only other one I think we might be looking to unload would be the disappointing Kirk, considering we're entertaining a new right mid on trial. But that doesn't make much since since his (admittedly bloated) wages don't count against the cap, right?

C'mon, Clavijo! You know you want our castoffs.

Looks like both Peralta and Gallardo are going under the knife, as expected, though the reported 2-3 week recovery time seems a bit short to me. I previously discussed what their absence might look like considering the upcoming schedule. The recent addition of Vide may give us another tactical option that wasn't considered in that post. Namely, we could pair him with Simms and either pinch the wings in a bit or pull Jaime/Tino back into the hole underneath Emilio. Hell, at least we've got some options.

And speaking of options, with Carvallo being sent the way of Niell, that says to me that the FO is pretty confident of getting something done soon with regards to the keeper situation. Anything less than somebody who is ready to step in and start is going to go down as a disappointment in my book. Wells has simply come nowhere close to expectations.

What are your thoughts on the recent roster moves and injury news for United? Encouraging? Mildly disappointing? Vomit inducing? Suicide watch?

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