Quote of the Day: Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings (We Hope!)

Kasper, via Goff:
"I feel strongly that Tommy deserves to remain as head coach."
Ruh-roh! Let's hope his feelings don't get in the way of his reason.
  1. Tommy's teams are not consistently motivated for big games.
  2. His pre-game tactics and team selection are reasonable, but his ability to adapt and make in-game changes (tactical adjustments, reading the game, making the right substitution) often fails him.
  3. Young players seem to stagnate under his tutelage, though whether this is due entirely to Tommy or to the FO paying more attention to foreign markets than to what's available domestically may be argued.
  4. We missed the playoffs and failed to be competitive in international competition--the stated goals for this season.
  5. Dyachenko is still getting playing time.
  6. The only consistent part of our game is defensive miscues.
I rest my case. Say it with me now, people!


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