Prognostications Revisited

Ah, you know what time it is now. Time for FBF's unflinching look back at how completely wrong my tea leaves turned out to be. Just in case you want to read what I was thinking about the season-to-come in the past-that-was, you can hop in the Way-Back Machine and visit the March Archives (scroll down a bit to get to the prediction posts). And just to make things interesting, I've gone and added the predictions of Extra Time's Shep Messing and Greg Lalas. Drumroll please . . .

Thud! Well, actually, not too terribly bad. Check out that Eastern Conference set of picks from yours truly. If you flip DC and Columbus, I was pretty much dead on save for New England and Chicago being reversed a single place. Sure, the DC-Columbus fiasco is a big flip, but overall, not too shabby. Certainly better than Shep and Greg, though they did equal or better me in the West, where they rated LA too high, I rated Dallas too high, and we all underestimated the Rapids (if this were truly possible).

So what do you think? Did your picks turn out much the same or are you still staring at that season-ending table in stunned disbelief?

PS: For further proof of MLS's woeful bush-league-ism (woeful, or perhaps charming?), I refer you to these Extra Time screen grabs. You'll note the excellent spelling of the team that ended the season atop the league, I trust? Once is sloppy, twice is just flat-out embarrassing.

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