Still Reeling, But Thinking Ahead

Obviously, we still have one game left in the season, but it's meaningless beyond possibly finalizing who we're going to protect in the expansion draft. Which raises something of an interesting point. Shatz at DCUMD wonders if Johnson-wRongen talked up Greg Janicki too much, leading to him being a possible target for Seattle.

I agree that I think Janicki is part of our plans going forward (as does Goff). But--and please correct me if I'm wrong--aren't the two Riverhounds only on loan at the moment? So if we are planning to sign them, don't we just wait until after the expansion draft to make our move, thus obviating the need to protect them?

The expansion draft takes place November 26, so sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll play "Roster Survivor" and see who I think should be staying on the island.

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