Thank You, Chris Rolfe!

Well, United now control their own destiny. Win and we're in. To be weighed: our recent backs-to-the-wall stubbornness vs. Tommy's inconsistent ability to motivate the troops for key matches. Which do we see on Sunday?


  1. It's hard for me to imagine DC United being anything but fully motivated on Sunday, and I think they'll come out swinging. But the Crew won't be rolling over, especially not with the realistic possibility that they'll be playing us 3 games in a row (although I think our potential playoff seeding will already be determined once KC's match is done). This should be a close game between two good teams, with no more than 1 goal differential either way.

  2. It'd be a real shame if we left the gift the Red Bulls brought to this weekend's party on the table unwrapped. I'll be really interested to see what Sigi is thinking.

    (1) Give the key guys a short runout just to keep them match sharp and focus everything on being ready for the playoffs or . . .

    (2) Go for broke to paste us and build momentum for the post-season?

    I also wonder if his thinking changes depending upon what KC does tonight. If KC loses, he knows that a loss against us would mean facing us again in the first round, so he'll probably look for the win (not wanting to face us right off the back of a loss to us). If KC gets a win or a draw, he knows that he'll most likely be facing KC (unless DC really crushes the Crew by a lot of goals), so maybe he plays it more conservative.

    We shall see.