Now Is The Winter Of My Discontent

Is it over yet?

The offseason is what, a couple of weeks old, and already I'm sick of it. I'm sure you could tell by my spectacular posting record of late that the winter has hit hard in Fullback-land. Never fear, FBF will be back in the full swing of things when the draft and preseason roll around. But until that time, things might be a little slow around here, depending on the fickle winds of transfer speculation and flagrant rumormongering. Which is probably just as well with the holidays pulling up to the curb, n'est pas?

In the meantime, (and in lieu of any blockbuster trades or Euro-poaching) you can probably expect some toying around with the site design and a series of polls and "comments" posts designed to figure out what it is that you, the FBF reader, want from this site in the coming year. So stick around, stay warm, and get your option-checking and comment-posting fingers ready. We're all in this thing together.

Thanks again for reading the Fullback Files,
Michael (aka. Fullback)

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