Six Weeks!

So I was reading the Goffblog, and tacked into the corner of an update about Jamie's latest surgery (more freakin' hernias?) was this nugget that should warm the cockles of many an MLS fan's heart . . .

". . . start of training camp in six weeks."

Six weeks!

Guess I better get cracking on the 2009 remodel, eh? I should have some reader feedback polls hitting the blog later this week, as well as a few posts with actual meaty content (regarding the death of the reserve and its implications for youth development) in the next week or two. In the meantime, I've been dumping a few things too short to be full FBF posts here on Twitter. You can follow me if you'd like, though it's not all footie-related I'm afraid.

In other news, it's 26 degrees and falling by Herr Fahrenheit's reckoning here in Fullback-ville.

Six weeks!

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