What Makes Stephen Appiah "Laugh Very Loud"?

So remember those rumors about Stephen Appiah coming to town? From the horse's mouth . . .
"I have truly not heard this particular rumour about the MLS. I have been linked to all the clubs in the world but this one makes me laugh very loud," Appiah told Ghanasoccernet.

"I am 28 today and I have a lot to offer for top European clubs and that's where I will plan to continue my career.

"This is not to underestimate American soccer because they have made important strides but this report is stretching things a little far."

Nuff said. Anybody still wondering about the FO walking away from this one?


  1. Maybe its time Appiah gets a club. He will not stay 28 forever!

  2. Ugh. So is it possible that Beckhamania has given the MLS a bad rap? Appiah is basically saying that no good player would ever want to come to the US when he's only 28. That MLS should only be viewed as a final stop before ending your career.

  3. My thoughts exactly. The "don't underestimate the strides American Soccer has made" platitudes aside, that was what I took away from the quotes.

    Will it ever be possible for MLS to escape the Retirement Home and/or Shop Window tag? Perhaps, but the lack of tradition, access to glamor Euro-cups, and, above all, big wage budgets, mean change is over some distant horizon.

  4. @wes Considering the clubs that have been linked with Appiah, I don't think the January transfer window will be open long before he jumps through it.

  5. [UPDATE]: The Goffster says (via a contact) that the "laugh very loud" bits may not be accurate.

    What do you think? Out-and-out fabrication? Misquote or out of context? Agents and reps mending fire-damaged bridges? Or Sunil Gulati desperately claiming that Subotic is still not committed to Serbia ;-)?