Monday Back-Pass: Donovan on Skates

So what caught your eye this weekend?

Snow Bird?

Anybody else enjoy watching Donovan skate around on the snow this past weekend? Say Toto, I don't think we're in Los Angeles anymore! Lack of sunshine leads to mental breakdown and weeping return to Arena's arms in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Danish Delight Defense?

The dreaded USMNT Camp Curse that has been devouring defenders has lead to a late call-up for Michael Parkhurst. Will Parkhurst be able to defeat the Curse and ensure the Danish Delight Defense of Parkhurst-Califf? That seems a lot more secure to me than the current likelihood of seeing Ihemelu-Califf. In other US camp news, it looks like the Curse is making its way up the pitch, with Rico Clark now feeling its hot, reeking breath upon his neck (or toe, as the case may be.

Late Late Show

ManU and Chelsea both leave it late, extraordinarily late in Chelsea's case, while Arsenal and Villa grab wins as well to keep things tight at the top of the Premier League. Can Liverpool regain their lead today in the Merseyside derby?

Baby Jesus?

And speaking of England, no roundup of the weekend's news would be complete without wondering if Kaka's hug-fest at the end of Milan's match signals the end of his time in Italy? What was the latest ridiculous figure Man City's owners were flashing--157 million? That's insane. Would you rather have one sparkling Brazilian would-be-Manchester-messiah subject to the whims of injury and foul weather blues, or a half-dozen quality (if not world-beating) players to shore up your relegation-battling squad? Just sayin'.

So what were you watching this weekend? Happen to catch any of these?

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