The Roster Dance

At long last, Namoff is officially back in the fold for the 2009 campaign. And while we're raiding Goff's cupboard, let's take a look at some DCU dirt he dug up from Dave Kasper. The big news?

(1) We're getting close to landing Walter Martinez and bringing Doe back. They'd both be on loan, but that's pretty close to filling out our forward depth chart.

(2) Discussions are ongoing with foreign recruits for the ever-so-thin back line. DUH! The important part (and maybe I'm reading too much into this . . .) is that we plan to "sign one." No more rafts of Sudamericano saviors, I suppose, but Dios mío! we'd better get a competent center back tout de suite.

(3) Joe Vide's roster yo-yo ride (damn, that's a slick line--somebody ought to write a song!) continues and he's now officially back on the senior roster. More Goff dumpster-diving reveals that we've got 17 of our 20 senior roster spots filled. Trades are always possible, but assuming no dealing, that means we've got three spots to fill. If Walter Martinez is one and Mystery Foreign Center Back is two, that leaves one opening. Anybody thinking we might use both of our first rounders on senior-roster exempt Generation Adidas boys? Of course, you've got to consider that Olsen is one of those 17, and his return is still doubtful, though Kasper says he'll be giving it a go in camp.

(4) I also find it interesting that the second Gonzalo (Martinez) still isn't officially gone. Perhaps I'm alone here, and on thin ice at that, but I always liked Martinez, even if he did struggle mightily down the stretch. I thought he showed really well as an attacking fullback, though of course, his salary is an issue. Given his ability to fill multiple spots along the back line, ability to read the game, and physical assets, I wouldn't mind having him back if we could somehow negotiate a lower salary. Of course, doing so means another senior roster spot goes away.

(5) Dyachenko is no more. Damn. Good thing we wasted all those valuable minutes and a first round pick getting him back from TFC, eh?

Alright, that's round one for today. I'm expecting to be back later today with a closer look at Goff's roster status post as well as a look at which Generation Adidas players I'd be most interested in seeing in black and red.


  1. I guess the LA Galaxy is the frontrunner for Chavez so I'm not sure where they plan on getting another central defender. I liked Martinez too - but not so much on the left side. He seemed to be pretty good in the middle (which is where he started) and he was good on the attack (with good covering speed too). Maybe he will come back for less money and pair well with Janicki..but maybe not. I'm hoping the rumors are true that we are trying to trade up for Omar...but I admit to a soft spot for this Maryland team and would be happy to see Delagarza, Wallace, Zusi or Hall coming on board.

  2. Well, Kasper said they were in talks with a few foreign recruits with an eye to landing one, so we shall see . . .

    As for the draft, we're going to need at least one center back unless we plan to do step up to the trading post. For all of my previous "draft for talent, not for need", looking at that gaping center back shaped hole in our defense is really worrying.

    Janicki might pan out. Mystery Foreign Guy is a crapshoot. McTavish is a square peg in a round hole. Burch? Ugh. Maybe Pat Carroll is ready to step into some minutes. Namoff can go inside if needed, but that's not ideal. If Martinez isn't coming back, we're woefully shy in the middle.