You Want Fries With That?

No, I'm not trotting out the snark regarding MLS player salaries (. . . yet), but there were a few things that caught my eye this morning that I'd thought I'd drop a few words on.

Honduran Stock Exchange

Hmmm. I thought the Walter Martinez talk had fallen off a bit while Osman Chavez was starting to look more legit, but the Goffster says we're still in for Martinez and Chavez is looking increasingly HDC-bound. And still no rumblings of Namoff's re-signing nor any help for the threadbare DC defensive cupboard. Worried yet?

Another One Bites The Dust

Seriously. If you're a defender and the Caller ID says "Bob Bradley", just ignore it and walk away quietly. Now Sean Franklin has been struck down by the Camp Curse while apparently Ugo Ihemelu is just returning from feeling its icy claws. Be afraid, Danny Califf. Be very afraid.

Quiet Before the Storm?

Yes, yes, there was the DeRo deal a while back, and Osorio just tossed Dallas a quality left sided midfielder/defender for the speedy Oduro, presumably so he would have someone else on the staff whose last name started and ended with "o", but things are going to get a lot more interesting as we approach the SuperDay of the SuperDraft. Perhaps this might be a helpful tool for keeping track of the ch-ch-ch-changes?

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