That'll Teach Me!

Geez! That'll teach me to post a roster update just because we got a second-string forward back on loan for another year ;-). BTB has the pre-season roster, and the Goffster chimes in from RFK as well. The later promises that further updates are coming, so I'm going to hold off on doing another "Refining the Roster" post until the other shoe drops. As it stands, the big news is . . .
  • Gallardo is still recovering in Argentina? Mega-ugh.
  • Kyle Veris, last seen in this country as part of a craptacular Galaxy defense, is on trial after returning from the depths of the Scandanavian Defender Mines. Potential defensive depth, or just a symptom of our desperation in that area? Stokes 2.0!
  • Lyle Adams, our draftee fullback, is not in camp and reportedly has visions of Euro-plums dancing in his head. Gee, didn't Tommy say that Adams was excited by the opportunity to play for us just after the draft? Andrew Jacobson 2.0! Zaher and Miller cage match for a roster spot if he never shows.
  • Olsen is moving well? (Oh please, oh please, oh please!) Hope Gallardo is watching how a real professional with an actual pair behaves.
So who's missing from the pre-season roster . . ?
  • Dyachenko! Phew!
  • No Carroll or Koroma = more defensive trialists in the near future?
  • No Cordeiro, Thompson, or Kirk? Looks like Barklage's chance to make this squad just jumped about 200%, assuming he's willing to sign for developmental peanuts.
So that's 27 guys with trialists and signings (here's hoping!) yet to come, fighting for 24 roster spots. Not the massive competition we (okay, I!) envisioned, but still enough to excise the cruft from the roster. That's assuming that young quality can find cheap housing and a second job to compensate for that developmental salary.

I'll be back later to update the lists when the Goff comes through with the "much more" he promised.


  1. Didn't DCU release Dyachenko? I could've sworn they did a month into the post-season.

  2. Yeah Dyachenko's option was not picked up, which I think makes him formally a free agent, so not a big surprise that he's not in camp. The bigger surprises as FB mentioned are Cordeiro, Thompson, and Kirk. BTB said that more trialists might be on their way so I've got my fingers crossed that some of these fellows might resurface. It would really be a shame not to at least invite Cordeiro and Thompson to camp after all the hard work they put in last year.

  3. I'm just hoping the reason they were not invited back is because the FO is expecting a better standard this year that they know certain guys can't hack, and thus are freeing them to pursue better opportunities.

    That said, Veris doesn't exactly scream "better standard", does he?