So, DC took out the Crew by a 2-1 count, with the Crew's one being something of a fluke. Of course, all we've got now is lineups and some tweets. But since when has that ever stopped the righteous hyperbole of the internet!?!


* We're still playing four at the back. I had speculated earlier today that one way we might accommodate the return of Gomez was by switching back to a 3-5-2. Based on a single pre-season friendly the day after the trade went down, I'm prepared to put that speculation to bed ;-). Okay, not quite ready yet. The opener coming off a cross from a fullback (Zaher) is promising though.

* Wallace got time both on the left wing and at left back. I wonder if the staff thinks he's ready to pick up more minutes than they had originally planned. That might (and I'm providing them plenty of rope here) justify letting Guerrero go.

* Jacobson went off early for the second match running. Is he just struggling with the same injury or have we signed easily damaged goods? His record with Lorient would suggest that he spends a lot of time on the treatment table. Not an auspicious beginning to his United career.

* Pontius hit the winner after what seems like a chance he fashioned for himself. Rookie forwards creating their own chances? Hmmm. Are they allowed to do that? I'm assuming he was going against trialists and the dregs of the Crew roster, but still . . .

* Thorpe played with the "A" team in the first half. Wonder if Kocic's star has dimmed somewhat? The manner of the Crew's goal won't do him any favors. Perhaps that 19th-string keeper acquired from the Rapids is here for a reason? Or maybe Tommy is just giving Thorpe a fair shot at earning his spot?

Now, back to my tea leaves and ouija board and idle speculation with the other artistes at the café.


  1. We beat the current champions in a preseason match. Therefore we will be this year's champions. Right?! I see no fault in that logic ;)

    The same things jumped out at me... Pontius's goal sounds sweet, but I'm worried about Jacobson repeatedly being yanked early.

    I don't think we should read too much into who started and who didn't. If Thorpe playing in the first half ahead of Kocic means anything, then we would also have to assume that the unknown N'Silu is ahead of Doe, Khumalo, and Pontius on the depth chart.

  2. Crew had a lot of their regulars out there inluding GBS. Not a bad performance by our scrubs.

    Pontius has now been involved in two of the three goals scored. Something to feel good about for the time being.

    Wallace getting minutes on the left wing is interesting. That's where all the coaches wanted to see him play at the combine.

  3. Looks to me like the clubs had an arrangement to play their stronger lineup against the scrubs of the other side in each half. Given that the goal conceded was such a fluke, I'd say we "won" both halves, though winning is, so we've been repeatedly told, meaningless at this point. That said, it can only help the team's mentality at this point.

    @Shatz To be fair, it isn't too much of a stretch to imagine a decent professional forward leaping ahead of Doe (MLS backup), Khumalo (USL 2 star), and Pontius (rookie draftee). I know you like Doe, but I've not yet seen enough to be convinced.

    @Anonymous Wallace on the left wing would indeed be interesting. I wonder if he gets more time there until he learns to defend at this level. Even if he does, I'm still pissed about Guerrero.