Go "British"?

Rather than snow and blustery cold, it looks like Columbus is going to throw down a Wednesday night in the high 40's with plenty of rain and wind. Not exactly ideal conditions for Bob's "modern" possession game is it? Then again, considering that pretty much Mexico's only option is to get the ball down, slow the pace, and play, I wonder if Bob might consider going "British" on Sven's boys.

What do I mean by that?

I really, really hate to say this, but . . . maybe the best tactic is the least attractive for this game. Lump it up to Chinger/Jozy/Dempsey and let Donovan, Beasley, etc. play opportunist with the scraps. Play fast, physical, and let the conditions do their nasty worst. This also has the benefit of playing on Mexico's already fragile psychological state. Given more and more situations where they're uncomfortable and have to make decisions quickly, they're bound to pull a Portsmouth and cough up the chances.

Ugly. But true.

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