Some Quick Roster Thoughts

I'll knock out another full "Refining the Roster" in a few days, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with this quick set of considerations.

(1) Width Matters: Goff is saying that the trial for the Jamaican winger, Eric Vernan, isn't going to happen. Ah well, forget I said anything about gaining width.

(2) Forwarding Addressed: The addition of N'Silu to our crop of forwards leaves us with a boatload of options up top from the pure strikers (Emilio, Doe, N'Silu) to the tricksy types (Moreno, Pontius) to the hybrid forward-mids (Gomez, Quaranta, Fred, Boyzzz). That's an awful lot of cover when you look at the bare cupboards at the back. Assuming we sign Veris and Danso to back up McTavish and Janicki, and either Miller or Zaher as a fourth fullback (behind Namoff, Burch, and Wallace), we have the semblance of depth, but is there enough quality depth? I remain unconvinced.

(3) International Spots: I've been laboring under the assumption that we had the standard set of eight international spots, but looking back at the Gomez deal, we seem to have acquired another for our set as part of that swap. That gives us nine in total, with six (Fred, Emilio, N'Silu, Doe, Crayton, Gomez) being used already. With Vernan out of the picture, that leaves space for Danso, Kocic, and the Mivdun. Speaking of which . . .

(4) Whither the Mivdun?: The hour is growing late. We are almost a month to the day away from kicking off the season, and all signs seem to be pointing to no Mivdun, at least until the summer transfer window. Woe unto Crayton!

(5) Feature Complete?: There are 10 days until the roster needs to be complete. Barring any dramatic, last-minute transfer swoops, then I'd assume the three remaining senior spots go to . . . Veris (need CB depth, any depth!), Mediate (useful as a utility player, but will probably be axed to make way for a summer signing unless somebody else is really stinking up the joint), and one of Kocic/Platter (the backup keeper). The three developmental spots get eaten up by one of Zaher/Miller (the fourth fullback option) and two out of Barklage/Danso/Thorpe. That said, if Mediate is looked on as fullback depth, then Zaher/Miller may be fighting the Barklage/Danso/Thorpe Trio for scraps. Literally. You've seen what developmental salaries look like, right?

Ready to break out the doom and gloom or cautiously optimistic? I'll be interested to have a gander at the lineup Tommy runs out against the Puerto Rico tomorrow. That should give us confirmation of the system he plans to play and who he sees as his starters, though I think we can make some pretty decent assumptions about those at this point.


  1. Thanks to "The Fullback" for the regular roster updates. Much like "The Batman" you remain vigilant and unwavering in your quest to keep DC safe form the rampaging forwards of the teams we will face during the season.

    As a season ticket holder I am justifiably worried about the lack of depth on the back line. I can only hope that the FO is still looking and are not hoping to simply outscore the competition.

  2. Totally Dave, Tix holder as well.
    I guess it is safe to believe this is an uphill season.
    I am praying for some sense in their (FO) sleep tonite.
    This backline is untested.
    And honestly we have yet to see the worst. Sohen may be a bit of a memory after our worst opening in DCU history.
    Expect to cough up goals.
    But I guess that never happens.

  3. Thanks again Fullback. Great stuff.

    I think Sohen is rebuilding the core of United, which seems to me like a multi-year project. I think this year we're aiming to make the playoffs and that's it. We're really not title contenders this time around. Which might be okay with me, if there's a bigger picture at stake.

    Another international defender would make me happier, though.

  4. But does Soehn have multiple years? Fortunately, MLS is very forgiving of slow starts. All that matters is that you make the playoffs and hit the post-season in stride.

    Witness the Crimson Cows' run last year and the Gals side that finished fourth in the West but managed to win the cup a couple of years ago. Sadly, the Supporters' Shield does not carry the cachet that it should.

    As for defensive depth: I think we'll get there eventually, it just won't be very good depth. Sign Veris and Mediate to the senior roster and Danso and Zaher to dev deals, and we've got reasonable numbers. Whether they can keep Crayton from living in a shooting gallery . . ?