Width Does Not Require Height

One of my off-season bugaboos has been the lack of any consistent wide threat on the DC United roster. Sure, we've signed Boyzzzzzzz, a journeyman lower-division winger in his late 20's, but what do we have outside of that, particularly now that Guerrero has been sent packing?

Answer: guys who want to drift inside--Fred, Tino . . .

So that's why the flirtation with 21-year old Portmore United and Jamaica winger Eric Vernan seems so exciting. An honest to goodness wide player, who can play on either flank, and, if his performances in the Digicel Caribbean Championships (MVP!) are to be believed, is ready to make a step up in the level of his play. Did I mention that he's 21? Unfortunately, he's also the only current member of the Jamaica squad not to have an entry on Wikipedia yet (get on that, internet minions!) So what type of player is he?

Well, Jamaica head man (and former England and Liverpool great) John Barnes gives us this puzzling assessment (via the Jamaica Observer). . .
"We know what small men are like, look at Adolph Hitler, Napoleon and people like that. So he is tenacious and when you are small you have to play like that,"

Ouch! Well, we know he's short, so that fits the United bill, right? How about someone with a more football-specific measure? Fortunately, Barnes' assistant, Theodore Whitmore, comes to the rescue with (also from the Jamaica Observer). . .
"Eric reminds me of a young Ricardo Gardener when he was just coming through"

Ah, now that's more like it! Bolton's winger/wingback is a player that I've always enjoyed watching, particularly this year, when he's playing in a more unfettered role on the left wing.

So, a young, short, hard working, tricksy winger that can score goals and set them up. That's the picture I'm getting. If that is in any way accurate, I'll be a happy fullback. Of course, given the FO's recent body of work, we may be looking at this guy instead.

Fictional corpses aside, what do you think? Happy to see the wings addressed? Pleased that we're adding a young gun emerging on the international stage? Think we should, I don't know, maybe try to land a defender or two before First Kick? Wonder if we're going to put the 2008, score-in-bunches, but surrender-in-bushels Galaxy in the shade?


  1. Watched a bt of the Galaxy game last night to get an MLS fix. It's just one game, but Bruce seems to be re-constructing the team nicely with a mix of ves and newbies after Lalas destroyed it.

    One quote from O. Gonzalez on T. Sanneh:
    "It was just amazing. He's just so calm back there and I obviously have a lot to learn from him. I think he's going to teach me a lot and I hope to be one day as good as he is and go to the places he's been."

    It was interesting to see Arenas pair Sanneh's experience with Gonzalez's youth and ability. No one wanted Sanneh in NY and Chicago but this sems like a good match.

    I don't expect Sanneh to start all the games, but you could tell that Arenas has really devoted some attention to rebuilding the back line and that Sanneh acts like a coach on the field for the defense while Lewis captains the squad and, interestingly the attack, from the left back position(two youngsters - Franklin and Gonzalez and two vets -- Lewis and Sanneh).

    I think LA will be a better team with or without Beckham and/or Donovan because the coach seems to have a plan on how to play team ball. I hope we have one too.

  2. Ange N'Silu has just been signed by DC. as per behind the badge... didn't say whether it was dev. or senior contract... lets hope dev.

  3. Yeah, after last night we have NOTHING TO FEAR from Galaxy. Zilch.
    The wings need to be addressed of course.A right wing unlocks a few more combinations for us.Who intheir right mind can see Jaime running after a ball or defensive miscue? Someone will have to take his place halfway thru the season.
    Now defensively we are a joke. One injury and we lose 8-10 games in a row. We are in danger. Zero depth. Is it just the roster limitations? We seem to be well behind the ante that was raised by the really good teams. Chivas, KC, NY,Crew are the teams to watch as much as I hate to admit it. Come on FO, gt some devensive depth! PLEASE!

  4. Goff's saying that the Vernan trial seems to have fallen through. Bummer.

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the scouting report on the Gals. They still look pretty thin and vulnerable to a few key injuries, but we shall see what happens when the transfer dust settles.

    @Josh: Thanks for the heads-up on N'Silu. Goff says senior deal. So that's four strikers. Now, how about a third option at center back?

    I'm worried folks. A midfield of Fred-Simms-Gomez-Tino has creativity and plenty of attacking juice, but they don't provide much defensive cover for that rather lame back line.