. . . And the Ground Was Littered With Fullbacks

Well, perhaps not exactly littered, but how often do three fullback-related bits of flotsam and jetsam turn up in the wreckage of my RSS feeds (even if one just contains a reference to the other)? Let's begin with item numero uno. Apparently the curse of the #2 has struck again, with Ryan Miller leaving United (and all those tempting Dev Dollars) behind. So does this imply . . ?
  1. Miller found a higher-paying job as the night-manager at Burger King?
  2. The injuries in central defense have opened the door for a Danso delivery?
  3. Tommy is abandoning the 4-4-2 for full-bore 3-5-2 and is jettisoning fullbacks?
  4. The #2 is cursed and should never be worn by a United player again?
  5. Miller asked Tommy why Crayton didn't travel to LA?
And in the aforementioned confluence of simply syndicated material, FBF pal bdr pointed to a Jonathan Wilson post (article? essay?) on the value of fullbacks over at the Guardian (warning for the "easily distracted by shiny objects ADHD" crowd, it's long, but well worth it!). I had this one bookmarked already because Wilson and Sid Lowe have survived several of my Stalinesque feed-purges owing to their consistent quality.

Part of that Wilson post was a mention of the Brazilian (et al) usage of "lateral" instead of "full-back" to describe the position. Which makes me ever so happy to have laid claim to the "Fullback" Files. Can you imagine this blog being called "the Lateral Files"? On the other hand, perhaps I'd be a bit more organized?

Update: And one last fullback sighting in the social-media miasma! Unleash the NAMOFF!

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