A Couple of Painful 2-1's

Well, at least United managed to get a goal this time, but the result was the same, a 2-1 loss at the lands of TFC. Sure, sure, Tommy says (via BTB) . . .
"we're still trying different pieces and making sure we understand what works best together"

. . . but TFC is in much the same boat, having revamped much of their lineup as well. I suppose that we could claim to be missing a sizable chunk of the starting roster (Crayton, Namoff, Tino, Fred), but whatever. And how about those center backs? Two red cards and a PK in two matches? Ah, long season, I can hardly wait to meet ye!

The good news? Pontius bagged another. Might we have another goal threat--and from a young American at that? Also, from the (perhaps biased) writeup on BTB, it sounded like we were really knocking on the door for the equalizer.

So that's 0-2 against MLS thus far in the preseason. Let's see how we do this weekend against USL opposition. 10 days, folks.

Oh, and that second painful 2-1 mentioned in the post title? I suppose that could be painful or not depending upon whether your loyalties are with former United players or with current US Nats. Clint Dempsey's Fulham went down 2-1 to Ryan Nelsen's Blackburn. Still, if you love Deuce the way I do, you'll appreciate his goal and series of clever flicks in the first-half highlights . . .

Stay tuned for some DC roster speculation shortly.

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