We All Live In A . . ?

So what did you take away from Tuesday's round of Euro-fixtures?

Was it that Bayern's long-rumored triumphant progress through the second half of the season is finally picking up steam, now that Klinnsman's boy, Landon Donovan, has been sent packing?


Was it that Liverpool, even without the assists from the referee, would have handily stomped Real Madrid by more than a handful if not for the prowess of Saint Iker in the Madrid net?


Or was it Chelsea confirming that no matter how stirring a fight those from the other "big leagues" might put up, the Prem's "big four" get their way in the end?


My abiding memory will be Villareal's possession game, at times awesome, in front of 60k hostiles in Greece. If you can find the extended highlights (hint: apply the goog to "fbtz" and start digging), I suggest that you do. The Yellow Submarine's goals were nice, particularly the opener, but the orchestration of possession--the magnificent "velcro boots" close control, quick touches in tight spaces, the cycling of the ball to stretch the defense--was the real killer. It was terrific to watch, particularly given that Panathinaikos didn't exactly sit back and allow Villareal to do what they wanted and really pressed them hard after Ibagaza opened the scoring. Here's hoping that Jozy gets some serious minutes next year to grow in such fertile ground.

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