We're Doomed!

Josh Wicks, huh? Really? I don't know, between the moderately veiled threats to move the team if we can't get the stadium deal done and signing a keeper who could only charitably be described as "out of his depth", and more accurately as "hapless", in his MLS appearances for LA last year, I'm beginning to suspect that the FO may be losing whatever was left of its marbles.

PS: And will the folks who keep posting ***SPOILER ALERTS*** followed one line later by score updates from the Champions' League over on the Goffblog please desist. Comment on the post please. Go over to BigSoccer if you want to shout scores from unrelated topics to the world. Some of us were looking forward to a night curled up with the DVR.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ugh.


  1. Nick Platter's performance the other night must have been just horrible for them to send him home after all this time and then sign Wicks. Do the words desperation or panic come to mind?

    Ditto on the "Ugh"

  2. True. But as bad as Platter must have been, how lame must Kocic and Thorpe be looking if Wicks is seen as an upgrade?

    I'm afraid that "ugh" is going to be in heavy rotation this year.