Three Men Enter, Two Men Leave?

So now we know that Barklage downed Danso and Peters pummeled Veris in their respective mano-a-mano's for roster spots. With his chances of hanging on evaporating, it looks like the unlucky Mediate will be pursuing his USL options. So that leaves us with only the Keeper Cage Match to resolve.

Shockingly, Kocic decided to take the Dev Dollars and sign for United, rather than pursuing a pile of Euros. That leaves our returning third-stringer, James Thorpe, in a duel to the death with El Disco Nic Platter, the USL trialist, for the final roster spot and the backup keeper job.

Let's just shelve the suspense, shall we? Thorpe has what, a half-hour of professional experience? Crayton's contract only runs through mid-summer. Add those together and what do you get? We need an experienced backup who is ready to step into the breach, just in case. Hello, SeƱor Disco, welcome to DC United!

The final installment of Refining the Roster is just waiting on confirmation of Platter's signing.

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