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As promised, here's a first look at the 2009 edition of MLS Table Talk. Since we're only a few weeks in, I'm not going to go in with the fine-toothed comb to pore over the statistical data. Rather, I (and my nasty head cold), will point out a few intriguing bits, allow you to look over the data and raise your points of interest in the comments, and leave you with the teaser that the combined table isn't going to be the extent of my stat-mining operations this year. It's yet to be decided if I'll spin off another column entirely or keep it within the bounds of Table Talk, but enough of that! Let's put our fingers on some highlights...
  • Holy Crap Stats? How about the Bulls only tallying at a rate of 0.3 goals per game? How about the expansion Sounders only letting them past at the same rate?
  • FCD setting the bar low at a -5 goal differential, while Seattle posts a +6. Which side is the expansion team again?
  • What's more surprising, Chivas and Seattle on top of the table, or the Crew and Dynamo languishing in the non-playoff spots?
  • Every number from 1 to 10 has at least one side with that number of points thus far. Parity alert of just plain weird?
Alright, time to go nurse this congested noggin of mine. Anything else jump out at you?

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