On The Coffee Fields of Nashville

Oh man do I enjoy those field-level highlights with no commentary. You may have seen the play from three or four elevated or behind the goal angles, but the view from pitchside puts things in a whole new perspective.

Also, watch Frankie Hejduk's cameos in that clip. Is it just me, or does he seem to have a whole mess of unnecessary movement about him? You look at the other players, and they seem smooth and controlled, their heads up as they move with economy and efficiency. Hejduk is all flailing arms, manic energy, and extra touches. And that doesn't even take into account the stepovers! Question: do you think his reputed massive caffeine intake is required to keep him operating at peak jitteriness, or is said twitchy behavior the tragic result?

Chickens. Chickens and eggs, my friends.


  1. Cool video. I liked how Ching inidcated where he wanted the ball played before heading it over to Donovan for the pass to Altidore. Didn't catch that before.

    Frankie will be with us for a while. Cherundholo is scheduled for surgery over the summer. That's okay by me. Maybe Wynne, Spector or Simek get to see some minutes too so we get a better sense of what form they are in these days.

  2. Good catch, I noted that one too. I like how you see Donovan and Bradley getting a touch on the ball and then immediately getting their heads up to look for the pass as well. The "view from the stands" angle doesn't do that kind of thing justice.

    As for dislodging Hejduk, I think the three you identified are all viable candidates, though Simek needs to work his way back to full fitness. Wynne is pretty much a wash--both he and Hejduk bring intriguing attributes to the party, but both have severe technical limitations as well. That said, Wynne's potential justifies more minutes than he is receiving at the moment.

    Of the three, I still don't understand how Spector doesn't get more of a look unless Bob just doesn't like him. The guy is logging time in defense for a club in the top half of the Prem, including significant minutes at right back!

    Of course, Bob is getting the job done for qualification, so it's hard to fault him on that count. Still, is it so much to ask for attractive and efficient soccer?