Clyde's Got My Back

You know how I keep arguing for Jakovic over Janicki in the center of a back three? Well, here comes Clyde Simms to get my back, making my point admirably in Goffster's story on the Serbo-Canuckian defender...
"He never really panics and allows us to keep possession at times where, in the past, maybe we would have given it up," midfielder Clyde Simms said. "At the beginning of the year, there were a couple times where he was a little too composed and would lose the ball in the back, but he has done a great job getting used to the league and our play."

Right on, Clyde. That's what I've been seeing as well. Having thus called "advantage: Jakovic", I'd be remiss if I didn't say that it's a good thing we've got such a solid reserve in Janicki. Why? Because somehow it didn't really occur to me until I read the story (it being so long since we've had young guys playing for their countries) that Jakovic might be doing Gold Cup duty for Canada this summer.

I suppose, having maligned the FO's efforts at defensive depth over the past couple of seasons, that I must give them their due now, right?


Now, about the goalkeeping situation...


  1. Hahnemann. Provided Dallas doesn't want him, and is willing to trade away the top allocation spot.

  2. I am hoping and praying that we can get Hahnemann. My guess: Give Fred (because Wallace has claimed the LM spot) to FCD for the top allocation spot/switch and do not extend Crayton's contract which ends in the summer. This frees up like 350,000.00$ in salary cap space. Get it done FO!

  3. (1) Hahnemann would indeed be a solid pickup and make Crayton surplus to requirements, but I wonder if he'll be exploring one last Euro-payday before he returns to retire in his hometown of Seattle (after Keller retires, of course).

    (2) Fred is decent depth all across the midfield, but, as you said, he carries a significant cap hit for someone who may not feature in every game. It's worth exploring if anybody wants to pick up that salary, but I don't think Dallas would be too interested. They've already got a quality left mid (van den Bergh) and a pretty packed midfield to boot. Where they need help is at the back.

  4. Interviews with Hahnemann indicate that he wants to continue to play in England. Not too likely he'll be returning to the states just yet.

  5. That's pretty much what I expected. One last payday abroad, and then he gets to be the second "local boy done good returning to his roots" in the Seattle net.