FBF Glossary: Clydewinder Missile

A counterpoint to the raw power of the Burch Bomb, the Clydewinder Missile is a more subtle strike, as seems fitting given the man who strikes it.

DC United midfielder Clyde Simms began to add this new tool to his shed after he'd been with United for a year or so, hitting shots from outside the box that, while not lacking in venom, seemed to have an uncanny ability to weave through legs, pick up minute deflections, and find their way, eventually, into the corner of the net past a despairing keeper. Sort of like a certain heat-seeking missile, if you'll pardon the pun.



  1. i love the clydewinder. i think might even prefer it over the burch bomb.

  2. Now if he'd just give me a damn reason to use it!