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It’s time, once again, to review some merchandise from our friends at, and bring you the unvarnished truth to guide you in your soccer shopping adventures. Seeing as how I have a fondness for themes, we’ll kick off the summer with a little vacation gear for the traveling soccer clan...

I’ve mentioned recently that my six-year-old daughter mysteriously manifested a desire to become a Barcelona fan, apparently at random. And, of course, being a dutiful little trained consumer, she began demanding all the requisite accessories that go with fandom: shirts, hats, scarves, shoes, posters, slippers, decorative fans, toilet paper...whatever the fevered minds of the marketing mavens could dream up.

Now, being experienced in dealing with the fickle whims of a six-year-old, and also possessed of a not overly-stuffed wallet, I decided to find a happy compromise and reward her for agreeing to swimming lessons by opting for the official Barcelona beach towel from's selection of Barcelona apparel and gear.

Now, I suppose I could go on and on about how rich the colors are (they are!) and how soft it is (strangely, it really is!) and how lovely the purple (blau + grana!) lint it left in the dryer was, but truth be told, it’s a beach towel. And a rather small one at that. Measuring in at 30” x 60” (76 cm x 152 cm for the continental types among you), your standard-sized Barça fan isn’t going to be laying out on this one any time soon. But for my 44.5” tall daughter? Perfecto!

Now, of course, we’ve got our towel to dry off the rugrat, but any self-respecting footie-loving clan won’t be hitting the road for various ports of call without a soccer ball, so let’s take a look at our new Select Club model, in the all-white variety. I’ve already got a match ball that I use regularly, but it’s not something that I want to take to the beach or to a family cookout, where it can be easily lost or abused.

The Select Club seems to fit my particular bill. I’m not one to go for the flash, so an all-white ball with no-fuss black lettering is right up my minimalist alley. Also, it claims to be “Guaranteed Hand Sewn,” which is unusual in a ball that costs as little as this one does. Sadly, the shiny, plasticky surface doesn’t do much for me, but it’s held its shape well and hasn’t needed to be re-inflated in the few weeks we’ve been together. By no stretch of the imagination is this going to be the best ball you’ve ever kicked, but for something I can toss in the car, kick about, worry-free, on any surface the summer presents, and not have to constantly fret about losing it, leaving it behind, or having some random in-law puncture it, boot it into a creek, or use it as a lawn chair, it fits the bill.

So slather on the sunscreen, toss the ball in the trunk, and remember...have towel, will travel.

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