Sad to Say...

...but no DC United match reaction from yours truly to what was either an enthralling or exasperating affair. Or maybe it was both. Crappy highlights over at Kudos to the Mouse for botching the whole affair. Despite having done "match reactions" based on highlights and recaps before, I'm going to let this one pass for now. If I ever get a chance to sit down with more than three minutes of highlights and a browserful of text, I'll update. Until then, prep for the USA reaction and United's visit to Colorado at the weekend, where hopefully we will have rediscovered how to defend...


  1. Wicks good. Burch bad. Jakovic often lost or laconic. Pontius, Gomez and Quaranta good. Others okay.

  2. The only thing I really took out of the highlights was that Burch looked lost as usual, and that Gomez seemed to be playing with the fire and passion that made us all love him the first time around.