It's Back

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Football Manager (Worldwide Soccer Manager here in the states) is returning for another installment, and it looks like I'm going to be losing quite a few hours of sleep if those screenshots hold up. Highlights for me?
  • More organic tactics. Forget the mystery of the sliders, just tell the tactics wizard how you want your team to play (A short passing 3-5-2 focusing on possession and playing through the middle, but with not enough midfield pressure to prevent deadly counters? Hey, who let Tommy Soehn at the tactics wizard?) and make adjustments on the fly. Just subbed in Benny Feilhaber for Rico Clark in central midfield? So tell the right-sided central midfielder to play as a deep-lying playmaker rather than a ball-winner. Chasing the game? Tell that defensive ball-winner you want him playing box-to-box.
  • A tinkerer's delight. Looks like we get to add and modify competitions this time around. Want to add the USL? The PDL? Go for it. Want to indulge your fantasies of MLS1, MLS2, and regional feeder leagues with promotion/relegation? It might just be possible if you've got the time.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

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