Another Day in the Gloaming

I'm not going to touch the biggest story going except to pass on condolences and well-wishes to those involved. I do have thoughts where that leaves the national team, but it's too close, too soon to say anything just yet without seeming callous, neh? Instead, let's make the rounds of what else has caught my fancy today and maybe do a little smoke and mirrors distraction show...

Demo Day!

The Football Manager 2010 vanilla (read as: league-limited) demo has dropped. I've got my copy but won't be busting it out for a few hours yet (damn novel, always demanding my attention!). Go get yours...

Amalgamated Football Leagues Unite!

The North Atlantic League lives as the best of Scandanavia, Scotland, the Low Countries, and Portugal look to do a DIY Premiership. You can bet your bottom dollar that the assorted gargoyles and troglodytes of MLS, SUM, and probably some interested parties south of the 2-0 border are watching UEFA's reaction with keen interest. Why? Could SuperLiga be a Trojan horse?

Blogosphere Conquest!

Yours truly relates what little (and there is very little!) he knows about football footwear in an interview with Bryan over at Soccer Cleats 101. Check it out, and hang around his site to kick the tires a bit, won't you?

Speedy recovery, Charlie...

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