MLS Table Talk | Short Week Blues

Just a bit of shifting of the deck chairs on a notional Titanic this week as the limited slate of games sees a minor shift amongst the chasing pack. At this point, we can be pretty sure that everybody in the top six is pretty much in, and the Rapids, in seventh, would need to do some serious self-harm to keep themselves out of the post-season. That said, this is the Rapids we're talking about.

In more trouble are the Revs, who, despite having a two point cushion with two games to go, are suffering a rash of injuries and a woeful run of form that's seen them piss away their precious games in hand. But who might replace them? The obvious answer is Dallas. Winners of four of their last five, the Hoops have made a remarkable late season run, highlighted by their charge to the top of the scoring sweepstakes, and have the hottest boot in MLS in the form of Cunningham.

The other challengers are much less appetizing, TFC and DC United are plagued by poor defenses, RSL infected with inconsistency, and the 'Zards needing to be the proverbial snowball in the inferno. No such drama for the Quakes and Bulls, who've already mentally checked into the off-season vacation lounge.

Playoff scenarios?

The West has yet to be decided, but we can be pretty sure that the Crew and Fire will probably finish one-two in the East. Might the Revs tank so hard, and Dallas continue so en fuego that we have a post-season featuring six sides from the West and just two from the East? It's looking more and more likely, and who woulda thunk that as we all sharpened our pundit pencils in pre-season? As of now...

  • Crew (E1) v. Rapids (W5) - the Rapids have dark horse writ large across Casey's bald dome and have the athleticism in attack to cause any defense troubles
  • Fire (E2) v. Revs (E3) - the annual blood-feud is back!
  • Galaxy (W1) v. Sounders (W4) - revenge of the Sigi or justification of boring, boring Arena-ball?
  • Dynamo (W2) v. Chivas (W3) - pitchers' duel or bloodbath?

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