Gloomy Day Roundup

The buzz of qualification is starting to wear off, and the overcast skies match my mood this morning. So with that cheery thought in mind, let's plunge into some of the stuff cluttering my desktop...

Major League Soccer

Clearly, Uncle Sepp's nasty transmissions are getting through to the Garb-father. After talking smack last week about how the worlds' leagues need to come more in line with MLS when it comes to financial structure, salary caps, et al, this week Garber is making noise about aligning the MLS schedule with the "international calendar." Garber does admit the issues that would present themselves given our lack of a "continental" climate, presenting roofed stadiums and the hardy MLS fan-base as potential solutions.

Quick question for you, Garb. Who exactly do you think are going to be the ones showing up for the below-freezing, foot of snow on the ground games? Allow me to posit that it won't be the family crowds you've been courting so heavily...

And while Garber was busy chastising the world about how to run a soccer/football business, it seems that some folks over at Wired have a solution for the mediocrity rife in the ownership of the real "major" leagues in the US. Get this, one of the magazine's 12 Shocking Ideas That Could Change the World, alongside such gems as emptying the prisons, legalizing assisted suicide, and embracing human cloning comes the Euro-snobs' lament: promotion/relegation.

And speaking of relegation...

DC United

Bad to worse, my friends. An already injury-addled United can add Tino to the pile of bodies being stacked up in the bowels of the decaying beast that is RFK. The Phoenix is going to need to embrace his moniker once again as he'll need to battle to even be fit for pre-season 2010. Ugh.

And what's the deal with United turning to Galaxy-reject, Portland-hero keepers? Lose your Wicks in the sofa cushions somewhere? Don't fret, we've got a nice Cronin lined up to fill that Wicks-shaped void in your life. Wonder what this does for Kocic's confidence?

Football Manager 2010

Considering United's woes, it's small wonder that I'm so looking forward to next month and the release of the latest iteration of the Football Manager franchise. What? You haven't pre-ordered your copyyet? The changes look pretty promising, with a stronger match engine, less obtuse tactics, a league/cup editor, and better backroom feedback, to name a few.

In fact, I'm thinking that, in addition to my annual off-season site revamp, I might do series of off-season narrative posts following my own struggles as United manager for the 2009 season in FM. Followed closely by putting the editor through its paces in reorganizing MLS. Promotion/relegation? Making MLS Cup a true league cup rather than a playoff? Increasing the importance of the CONCACAF Champions League and US Open Cup? Killing the SuperLiga? All these and more can be yours for under $40.

Hey look, the sun just came out from behind the clouds...

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