DC United Next Coach Cup: The Final!

A week's worth of anonymous internet polling have left us here, with two candidates remaining in the Next Coach Cup. Both have had relatively smooth paths to the final, though you've got to wonder if the combination of ABMOD and Benny's fragile ankles was just too much for the Bearded Bombardier, given the overwhelming nature of Richie Williams' semi-final victory. Preki faced a more serious challenge in the southpeg semi, but managed to hold off El Diablo in the end.

Soooo...on with the final?

Not quite yet. In the fine tradition of money-grubbing FIFA tournaments everywhere, we're going to stage a 3rd-place match as well, in order to fully flesh out the short list that FBF readers will submit to the FO (Some good news on that front, in case you haven't heard. Apparently, we're already interviewing candidates. Death to front office foot-dragging!). Ready? Let's begin...

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Time to cast your vote for who should sit at the top of the FO's wish list when they're looking to sign a helmsman for the 2010 campaign. Who will win the DC United Next Coach Cup?

Voting ends Sunday evening, so cast your ballots and tell a friend or two, won't you?


  1. Unfortunately, according to SI, Preki is not even being considered at this point.

  2. Saw that. Wondered about it. Not that Chivas played great ball this year (and it certainly wasn't attractively enough for KP), but at least he's experienced as a head coach in the league, can organize a team, and would have had the fresh outlook of an outsider who won't be afraid to kill any sacred cows on the roster or coaching staff that need to get the ax.

    As it stands...Vive le rot!