DC United Next Coach Cup: Semifinals

The quarterfinals are in the books. Twenty-eight candidates have been eliminated, leaving us with just four survivors to compete for the prestigious DC United Next Coach Cup. Let's not pull an FO dithering and hemming-and-hawing extravaganza, shall we? To the polls!

Semifinal #1

The Enigmatic Foreign Coaching Genius (EFCOG!) was finally taken out, appropriately, by the ABMOD. Williams piled up an impressive two-thirds of the vote as he cruised into the penultimate round, where he'll face off with the Bearded Bombardier. Olsen fell behind early to Chest Rockwell (of internet commenting fame) before staging a typically furious comeback. Chest did mount a late rally, but couldn't overcome Olsen's momentum.

Semifinal #2

Preki has been taking no prisoners on his march through the cup, winning by obscene margins, the latest by a nearly 50% margin over Curt Onalfo. His cause may get a further boost now that it looks like Chivas will be moving in another direction. His opponent had to be decided in Twitter "extra time" (what, you don't follow me on Twitter?!?), as Marco Etcheverry and John Spencer ended regulation voting-time with nothing between them. Even the runoff election looked headed for a stalemate, but in the end Etcheverry advanced by the most slender of margins. One vote. Dramatic stuff!


  1. Too bad my Twitter vote for Spencer wasn't enough... regardless, definitely voting Etcheverry in this one. I just can't imagine a DC United side with 10 men behind the ball.

  2. It was a damn close thing. I was getting ready to do a coin toss because the Twitter votes were deadlocked as well, but a last-second tweet won it for El Diablo.

  3. I am not entirely sure how much Chivas's defensive mentality was a product of Preki's schemes and how much was the fact that they couldn't field even one healthy forward for the last two years.

    He did amazing things turning Chivas into a quality team, almost from the moment he took over in mid-season.

    I also voted for El Diablo in this one, but was swayed by the positive coaching credentials of Preki.

  4. So now we hear that Caleb Porter and Dennis Hamlett ight also be in the mix. Can we do a super secret semi-final with those guys?

  5. Hamlett got bounced in the group stage, and if they're giving the reins to a college guy, I doubt Porter's at the top of that list.

    Looks like Preki vs. Etch is the only real contest. Frankly, I'm shocked that Benny's getting crushed by the margin he is. Strange beast, this internet...