Hang on a Second!

Anybody else read Loney's description of Preki...
"But he can't run an offense, can't start the right forwards, can't put in the right forwards, can't find the right forwards, can't keep a roster consistent, can't keep his players healthy, and only provides emotional leadership in a negative way."

...and think, "Hang on a second! That sounds awfully familiar..."

(as I glance down and see Preki's commanding 82% share of the vote in his United Next Coach Cup Quarterfinal matchup)



  1. Yeah - but if you look at who had more success as a coach over the last few years, Preki looks better than Onalfo. That has to be driving the numbers.

  2. Of course.

    My point was less about Preki's relative merits vis-a-vis Onalfo than it was about the grass always being greener...