DC United Next Coach Cup: Quarterfinals

The Round of 16 is in the books, and more highly-regarded names have fallen by the wayside. I'll weave in the recap of the last round as we set the stage for the next. Voting for the quarterfinal round ends Wednesday night, so get your votes in now, and don't be afraid to tell a friend. Democracy FTW!

Quarterfinal #1
In the Master vs. Apprentice matchup, Richie Williams stomped all over his former boss, beating Bruce Arena by nearly 30%. That has to make him one of the favorites to reach the final. But to do so, he'll have to survive the wily EFCOG, who delivered a significant beatdown of his (her? their? its?!?) own in disposing of John Harkes.

Quarterfinal #2
Surely the shock of the round has to be Soccer Insider commenter extraordinaire, Chest Rockwell, nipping actual professional coach, Dave Sarachan, by a single vote at the death. But he'll face more tenacious opposition, if not another actual coach, in the next round as Ben Olsen hobbles onto the field. Olsen's 72% of the vote in his pairing was the second most impressive outing in the previous round.

Quarterfinal #3
Olsen's 72% may look impressive, but Predrag Radosavljević (Preki, to you and me) posted the single most lopsided result of the round, amassing an imposing 83% of the vote in his pairing. His road to the semifinals may look assured, but Curt Onalfo pulled a surprisingly strong upset in the previous round, more than doubling up the higher seed, Earnie Stewart.

Quarterfinal #4
The final match will be a battle of "highlanders." Wee Scotsman John Spencer had a surprisingly easy time of it in his battle with Sasho Cirovski, who some considered a contender for the final. Spencer will face off with Bolivian and United legend Marco Etcheverry, who encountered strong opposition from Jurgen Klinsmann in the previous round. Klinsmann was gnawing away at El Diablo's early lead, but couldn't quite catch him before the final whistle.

Vote away! And let's hear some more smack-talk in the comments this time, people!


  1. I'm having a very hard time endorsing myself over Olsen. Normally I'd vote for me over anyone in anything, but this is Ben Olsen we're talking about. It is an honor to see my (fake) name listed next to his, much less be in the same competition.

  2. You were even ahead there for a little while, but it looks like Olsen's pulling ahead now. Hey, speaking of the "honor of being in the same competition"...

    My brother told me about a time when he was playing indoor against Benny in the dark ages of the 20th century (we're from roughly the same neck of Penn's woods), and our hairy hero was sporting a Gros-style cast. Instead of protecting his damaged limb or having to compensate for it, he was using it as a club with reportedly devastating effect.

    All's fair in love and indoor soccer? Or something like that. Watch your back, Chest ;-).

  3. I would hope he feels the same as I do about being thumped by Benny. There's a distinct honor in having Olsen pummel you.

  4. Actually, my brother's a keeper, so finding unique ways to batter the opposition brings nothing but admiration from him. Strange lot, those keepers ;-)

  5. I'm surprised to see Preki enroute to another lopsided victory, this time over a coach who fits our style much better.

    Looks like my pre-Cup prediction of Richie vs. Preki in the Final could be coming to fruition.

  6. Would John Spencer bring his Blues Explosion, cause if Yes, I vote yes.

  7. I think this John Spencer brings a Wee Bagpipe Implosion...or something like that.