Hang on a Second, Partido Dos!

Hmmm. Following on from last week's third-party questioning of Preki comes this bit from a "very well connected fan of Chivas USA." (hat tip to duNord)...
He really was a limited coach.
He never bridged a link to Guadalajara. He didn't care to add more youthful players from the Guadalajara system. Could you imagine being coach of a team called Bayern Munich USA and not wanting to go to Germany or accepting any of their younger players? Refusing to learn some German?
Preki wanted to prove himself and move out of Bob Bradley's shadow. That's why why he gradually dismantled the successful roster that BB built in 2006.
His MLS draft picks were god awful. He picked Michael Lahoud in 2009 but that was an exception.
His player management was horrible. He played favorites and only preferred to groom "his" players. We signed too many MLS vets while ignoring younger players.
He never took responsibility for his shortcomings as a coach. He was always quick to blame his players.
His practices were so intense that 90% of player injuries came from training and not the games.
You should ask about the fist-fight he had with Alecko Eskandarian. We didn't need to trade him. Somehow he was gone without explanation.
Lots of BS like this with Preki.
I do given him credit for being patient with Justin Braun. Getting quality play from Zack Thornton and Carey Talley.
Be careful what you ask for, Toronto.
Or DC? Makes you wonder if the FO not interviewing Preki had more to do with them getting some wind of this kind of stuff and less to do with TFC making desperate scratching noises at the door already...

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