How's That For Irony?

It was beginning to look like, given the hemming and the hawing, the insults to league and to fans, followed by furious backpedalling, that Kevin Payne was going to drop the ball and hand Tommy the keys to season #4. But then a curious thing happened on the way to a static offseason. Soehn, who had been making increasingly erratic decisions with regards to tactics, lineups, and substitutions, stepped up and made the right one when nobody else in the organization seemed to have the balls to.

Kudos, Tommy, for getting it right in the end and knowing when to step down.

Now for the questions...
  • How long till Soehn is announced as Nowak's assistant in Philly?
  • Does Ashton take one for the team as well? Kasper? Payne?
  • Do the strange ongoing offseason workouts go ahead as planned? If so, what say we let Benny and Jaime take charge as a trial run for joining the coaching staff next year?
...and, of course it's time to...
  • Start compiling the short list of candidates.
Who's at the top of your list? Not an easy question to answer as you survey the field...


  1. Wouldn't mind knowing more about Spencer at Houston before going for the obvious DCU affiliated names.

    Folks also don't seem high on Cirovski's style of play or making it in the pro's, but from what I've seen of Maryland the last few years, they are very fun to watch and they are winning.

    Also, only Goff made cryptic references to Harkes being considered, but most folks are down on him as well and yet you can tell he's interested in coaching.

    From the obvious list:

    Richie Williams - Yes
    Curt Onalfo - not so sure
    Dave Sarachan - no
    Preki - Kinda like it
    Colin Clarke - why did he fail in Dallas? Love what I see in PR.

    From left field:

    Marco E!
    Earnie Stewart!

  2. The DCU affiliation thing seems more of a distraction to me. Why not go for the best potential coach, period? Preki probably plays too negative for Kevin Payne's liking, and Cirovski would be crazy to give up his job at Maryland. Spencer could be a very attractive candidate. Of course, assistants don't always make the best head coaches . . . .

  3. I agree with Curmudgeon. Fresh eyes will spot the dead wood faster than familiar ones.

    That said, I'm not particularly sold on any of the candidates at the moment. I suppose I'll have to do a post about that...sigh ;-).

  4. From the comments we've seen already this offseason, Kasper and Payne aren't going anywhere.

    I'm with you guys on being less than enthused with the short list so far also. The most convincing arguments I've heard have been in favor of Richie Williams, and I could see that working, but I'm still holding out hope that some amazing coach that none of us have heard of will come out of nowhere and bring us back to the promised land. What would the head coach version of a MIVDUN be called?

  5. The MIVDUN equivalent is coming when the coaching post smackdown hits...

  6. And the coaching answer to the MIVDUN has now been revealed in the United Next Coach Cup Group Stage.

    May I present the...Enigmatic Foreign Coaching Genius.

    Long live the EFCOG!