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Let's begin today's stroll about the intarwebs in the land of the vikings...

I'm sure everybody has read all the Brit-hype and seen all the mobile phone videos of Brad Guzan walking on water, and that's all well and good--he's the #2 behind Timmy (call me when he's actually displaced that other Brad for non-Carling Cup matches). But who's #3 for next summer? Go watch this then report back here. I'll wait...


Ah, you're back. Excellent. So, doesn't look like Perkins is making his case particularly well, does it? But who was that banging in Start's second? Clarence Goodson, you say? And what position has had its pecking order severely savaged recently? Hmmm. No Gooch + No DeMerit = opportunities this month for centerbacks hither and yon, including in the land of the vikings...Speaking of which...Hey, isn't Danny Califf banging around those parts drinking mead and getting tattoo touchups from the odd valkyrie or three? Oh, he's lost his starting spot? Ouch. Poor timing.

Let's bring it back now to DC United, where apparently the wind has shifted, and it's laden with the stench of Soehn in charge for year #4. Ugh. But wait!
Remember, the wild card is sole team owner Will Chang. He’s the one with the big wallet, so he has the final say, but it’s difficult to know who has his ear. Is it Payne? Is it someone else? It will be interesting to see.
Oops. Sorry, it's me. Got it in a box under my bed. You want it back, Will? Well, you know the next step. It starts with "Fire" and ends with "Soehn"...and perhaps "Kasper"...and increasingly (given his recent form) "Payne." How is this still an issue?

Oh. Sorry. My bad. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to have noticed Soehn's increasingly desperate line-up changes, bizarre pre-halftime substitution patterns, complete lack of defensive tactical organization, and inept brand of molasses soccer, because I'm just a fan who jumps to "emotional" snap decisions...after three goddamn years of tactical ineptitude and watching promising young players either driven off, thrown under Soehn's bus o' blame, or subject to pathetic regressions of skill and confidence amongst the poor saps who stayed!

And I'm going to miss and/or forgive all that if Wallace's late drive sneaks past the post in KC?

Get a grip! Think back over the "progress" of the last three years. Now go ahead and rationalize that away. "But he didn't have time to prepare!" Wah! Cry me a second Anacostia and build a freakin' stadium on the banks of it! What happens in the unlikely event we start qualifying for continental competition again? Back to square one. I'm sure you all get along swimmingly, but that's not a pre-condition for success. In fact, it probably makes it less likely as you're less inclined to make hard and necessary decisions.

Is that emotional enough for you?

Good. Now go make the "rational" decision.

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