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We'll start off the user-generated portion of this year's WIWFC show with regular contributor, AMT (@the_amt on the twitters)...

AMT's What I Want For Christmas List

Love reading the site. Here's my wish list for United this festive season:

1. A four man back line.
2. A season with fewer than 3 sports hernias.
3. A proper left winger/left back combination. (Wallace can be in one spot. Burch cannot, barring a revelation.)
4. A settled spot for Party Boy, preferably up top.
5. Is a coach too much to ask at this point?

This was, in true lawyer-like fashion, thought about for a while and then hastily assembled and improvised in 3 minutes or less. Cheers!

Looks like a bit of Christmas may have come early for AMT with the signing of Castillo late last week (after he had submitted his list, for those of you wondering).

I agree with all of those wishes, though only two of them overlap with my own "top 5." Thoughts?

And don't forget, there's still time to get your list in. Send your top 5 wishes for DC United in the new year to fullbackfiles (at) gmail (dot) com.

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