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Our next entry in the What I Want For Christmas list-a-thon comes from Ben.

Ben's What I Want For Christmas List

1. A coach. When did coaching DC United become such an undesirable job?
2. Consistency and stability in the 2010 lineup. A starting 11... I'll even settle for a rotation of 13-14 players.
3. Youth (or less age, I'll take either). This would work well with #2 to supply us with some healthy, fit athletes that can go 90 minutes every match.
4. Less schedule congestion. Oh? We already have that? How did that happen?
5. Nick Rimando. How are Jay Nolly, major player allocation, future consideration, and not having Freddy Adu working out for you DC?

Methinks #2 and #4 come wrapped up in the same shiny package. Rimando? I suppose if you're not going to be facing crosses and every game ends in PK's, he's your man...though I can't deny he'd be an upgrade on the current lot. That says more about the current lot than our need for Rimando though.


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  1. Not having overhyped, egocentric, can't-get-any-playing-time Adu on the roster is working out just fine, thanks.