It's Monday, and the Pings They are Random

* Group C not looking quite so tasty now, is it? The goals are below, but it's worth doing a little digging to find the full highlights of the match, including the remarkable sequence that sent the Cup of Nations quarterfinal to extra time. Keita's goal really did deserve to be a match winner, but when you can't mark up at the far stick against floated crosses, you get your just desserts...

* From one quarterfinal to another... Good luck to DCUMD's Shatz and Next Coach Cup quarterfinalist Chest Rockwell as they launch the good ship Black and Red United. My bookmarks and feed readers are updated. Are yours?

* When is a Bunker Bob not a Bunker Bob? Apparently, when he's a goal and a man down with 70 minutes still on the clock. When you look up a picture of tactical naivete in the dictionary... If refer you to the rest of my match reaction, in case you missed it.

* It's the eyebrows isn't it? The hair doesn't help either...

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  1. Group C certainly won't be easy for the USA given that their first match is against England. Still you've got to back them to get the results they need against Algeria and Slovenia.