Love, Hate and Numbers

Let's take a few laps around the interwebs, shall we?

For the love?

Steve Ralston is going play in this...


(I had a hand-held, electronic gridiron football game in the 80's that looked like that, blinking red LED's and everything!)...and serve as an assistant coach. Ralston could probably still be doing his business in MLS, so you've got to figure he's taking a wee bit of a pay cut to play for a team whose site (beware the auto-playing movie file) was created in iWeb (free with your Mac!) and doesn't yet feature news of his signing (hey, at least they spent the $10 for the domain name, right?). Still, there are things more important than money. Good luck to a class individual.

You Call that Passion?

Head on over to du Nord for a tasty (or rotten, your choice) slice of Manchester Derby. Worth a few moments of your time to read and think opposed to say...

Math is Hard

So Perkins gets the #23 shirt. Why the delay? Were we shopping Kocic, hoping to free up that #1 shirt? Does Kocic even deserve to keep the #1 shirt? Does this mean that Kocic has locked up his spot on the team? I suppose if Freddy didn't have to give up #9 to the returning Moreno...

How long? How long must we sing this song? Given that I'm up here in my remote Keystone mountain hideaway, I obviously don't have as much skin in the game as many of you (or Will Chang, obviously), but honestly, it's like a slow, almost subliminal torture. You can go a while without thinking about it, but there's a subconscious cloud of despair that occasionally parts to let in bits of light that only make the cloud seem darker by contrast. 


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