Roster Reset | Bring Out Your Dead!

The preseason roster-casualties begin to pile up! Kocic...gone! (duh, how long till Soehn signs him in Vancouver?) Honduran mystery man, Arnolyn Guity...gone! (who?) But the goalkeeper void was quickly filled as Ray Burse, lately of FC Dallas, arrived on the scene. Technically, his age makes him eligible for Dev Dollars, but do you really think that's likely to happen? Me neither. Wicks v. Burse death match for the #2 slot anybody?

Update the list!

Senior Roster
1.  Josh Wicks, GK
2.  Troy Perkins, GK
3.  (I) Julius James, D
4.  Lawson Vaughn, D
5.  Marc Burch, D
6.  (I) Dejan Jakovic, D
7.  Bryan Namoff, D
8.  Devon McTavish, D/M
9.  (I) Floribert N'Galula, D/M
10.  Rodney Wallace, D/M
11.  (I) Cristian Castillo, M
12.  Danny Szetela, M
13.  Clyde Simms, M
14.  (I) Tiyiselani Shipalane, M/F
15.  Chris Pontius, M/F
16.  Santino Quaranta, M/F
17.  (I) Thabiso Khumalo, M/F
18.  Adam Cristman, F
19.  Jaime Moreno, F
20.  (I) Danny Allsopp, F

Developmental Roster
1.  (GA) Bill Hamid, GK
2.  John DiRaimondo, M
3.  Brandon Barklage, M
4.  Jordan Graye, D

1. Ray Burse, GK - can he unseat the injured, idle, insane Wicks as the #2?
2. Andrew Quinn, GK
3. (I?) Lyle Adams, D - I'm assuming he'll want a senior spot, given last year. Also, he grew up in Florida, but does he have citizenship/green card?
4. (I) Quiarol Arzu, D - Honduran youth national teamer, center or right back
5. (I) Jermaine Taylor, D - Jamaican international center back
6. Daniel Wasson, M - washed out abroad, has MLS experience, eligible for Dev Dollars (25 or younger at start of season)
7. (I?) Two-Boys Gumede, M/F - what fills first, our Boyzzz quotient or our South African one?
8. Andy Najar, M/F - DCU academy product, probably not really on trial

GA = Generation Adidas
I = requires international roster spot, maximum of 8 internationals on final roster [Cristman trade leaves us with 7 spots]

According to the numbers, we're full up with our current signings. That means we need to make way for any trialists that impress. So who on the current roster might be in danger? I'd say the Dev spots are all up for grabs save for the one that Hamid ties up. Najar seems to be getting more of a look in game situations against MLS opposition than you'd expect of a guy just going along to make up the numbers and get a taste of senior-level action. Right now it looks like 6-9 guys gunning for 3 spots, depending upon who is willing to sign for Dev Dollars.

On the senior roster front things are equally messy. McTavish, Vaughn, Shipalane, and Boyzzz are probably on the outer-most edge of the bubble (as much as I wish Wicks and Burch were there too, I think they may take significantly more displacing). We're also currently at our international limit (unless either Boyzz or Shipalane have green cards?), meaning that the South Africans are in the most danger of getting let go should either Arzu or Taylor (or both!) make a significant case in camp.

An additional point to consider would be the status of Namoff's noggin. Doubts about his return would give a boost to the chances of whoever manages to impress among Adams, Graye, McTavish, and Vaughn. It'll be interesting to see who gets the look tomorrow against the Red Bulls.

Also of interest in that match? Whether we can manage to score a goal under Onalfo. True, we've been missing three likely starting attackers (Pontius, Quaranta, Castillo), and it's not like we've been shipping them in bunches, but how long (if ever) until we get a hint of "stylish, attacking soccer"? I know, I know, get the defense sorted first, and then you can work on coherent attacking play. But still...


  1. It seems like Shipalane will probably lose his spot, assuming at least Arzu or Taylor would be joining. Probably means Gumede is a real long shot, too, given his international status.

    Hopefully Adams has a green card as I think he could add a lot of depth and athleticism to our back line. If that was the case, and assuming he wouldn't take dev dollars, he would probably be in a battle with Vaughn for that spot. Graye, the local product, is probably safe in his Dev Dollar slot.

    I think looking at the international slot congestion, it is really unlikely that both Arzu and Taylor would BOTH sign unless they were so impressive the FO would consider letting go of James' international spot, which seems unlikely.

    DiRaimondo and Wasson could battle it out for the final developmental spot.

    And, yes, I would gladly swap Burse for Cro Magnon Man.

  2. Strange that Goff is saying Taylor isn't in camp.