What Crisis?

Given this blog's heavy MLS focus, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'd be covering the current CBA squabble with a bit more (or hell...any!) vigor. And if I were an HR guy who found this sort of thing right up his alley or felt any sense of journalistic duty to do so, perhaps I'd be all over it. But FBF, for better or worse, follows my personal attentions as a soccer fan.

I think you can see where this is going.

I know I should care more, that the fate and future of the top-flight domestic league and perhaps the sport in general in this country are facing a delicate, dangerous moment here. I know that for there to be a continued product on the field for me to enjoy, I really should be paying greater heed to what might turn into an awful situation. I know this is the single biggest story currently running in American soccer circles and that FBF is ostensibly an "American soccer blog." I know, I know.


I don't mind minute, nit-picked-to-death discussions of tactics, team selection, the history of the game, the relative merits of players and managers, et cetera, et cetera, because those are things I'm passionate about. But doing the same for labor negotiations? Not so much. So rather than making some half-assed attempt at it, I'll take a pass and let others who find this stuff fascinating (or merely necessary) do the dirty work.

Like here, here, and here.

So you'll pardon me if I just follow at a distance, filing my thoughts on the pre-season (can we have some goals already?) and roster pruning, whiling away the hours until First Kick tinkering with my FM version of DC United, and holding out hope that we have matches to get fired up about next month.


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  1. Glad this is all sorted now, just hope it doesn't rear it's head this season