Sean's DCU|FM Challenge, Part II

Continuing on from Part I, we present the second installment of Sean's DCU|FM Challenge...


So I come in there, Simpson's gone on a rampage - imagine the offices with the fax machines not torn out of place but humming, deals in the hopper: Sebastian Pena from Argentina? He's on your team. Marco Antonio Vidal, a Mexican-American kid who plays for Indios? Yeah, you just loaned him for the season. Dig it! This fax here says that you just signed Jose Burciaga Jr.! And Bobby Boswell just faxed Mark Simpson - that guy you just fired? - his ass. So I don't think he's coming back.

In general, the start of the Spence regime was deeply chaotic and highly opaque. From the outside, it doubtless looked like we were bunkered up, overwhelmed. My efforts to lure Cory Gibbs from Colorado came to nothing; so, too, my pursuit of every unattached striker in the known universe. Oh Lord, oh Lord, I am going into an MLS season with Grandfather Moreno and Ange N'Silu as my top strikers. I conjured a great wall of nothing, except for one final rochambeaux-style failure, detailed below.

The final roster looked like this:

You'll notice the lack of Lawson Vaughn. Yeah. The guy who'd made me feel free to trade away Mr. Reliable Namoff to Kc, my big preseason find? I accidentally left him unnumbered on roster cutdown day.

Yeeeeaaaaaaaaah.  Imagine that word lasting about 45 seconds, and you'll have how I felt after that 'continue.' Imagine that 'yeeeaaahhh' going as long as one could possibly hold it, breath wavering, nothing but a sibilant rasp. What kind of game this must be, to simulate despair so well!

Filled with that despair, weeping, red-eyed and disheveled, I phoned up KC castoff Chance Myers, who thinks it'd be just totally awesome to play right back for DC, and is young enough to think ramen is still good after 12 straight days.

So, if you've read Fullback's version, you'll see this is a bit of a different approach here. ScyldSceafing's world: Now with 100% more failure. And I'm just getting started, unfortunately.


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