Well Duh!

You had to know this was coming, didn't you? Conditional draft pick here we come!

Also, who here is genuinely surprised that we're more interested in scheduling friendlies than signing the midfield fulcrum we so desperately lack? Show of hands?


  1. I don't know whether to be happy or sad that *YOU* are now the most disillusioned and cynical United blegger still publishing.

    I will redouble my efforts!

  2. What other outcome is possible, given the trajectory of United? March couldn't end soon enough for DC, I'm thinking.

  3. Maybe it is my desire to be contrary, but I think that DC is decently well off. The defense and goalie should be a strength for the season once everyone is healthy and used to playing together. I like our forwards being all experienced starters and at various points in their careers (not all too old or too young). Seriously, do you remember DC ever having 4 actual forwards who could start regularly at the position? I like all of Simms, Quaranta, and Castillo in midfield it is just a matter of finding one more solid starter and them developing chemistry playing together.

    And because this post was too positive.........

    I hate HATE HATE hate Bob Bradley as coach of the US National Team.

  4. I'll take Quaranta (definitely) and Castillo (provisionally) in midfield and raise you the opinion that Simms is neither a quality midfield destroyer nor particularly adept in possession. He's the current United mediocrity personified, and until we get somebody really able to win the ball in midfield and provide reasonable delivery to attacking players, all those forwards are going to have precious little to do. While we're on the forwards, I expect Allsopp is likely going to be a bust and I still think we need a quality change of pace forward--and please don't say Shipalane or Boyzzz--to have a full set of attacking tools.

    I agree that the defense and keeper situation look pretty good when we're healthy, but even a quality defense is going to struggle with a swiss-cheese midfield that can't keep the ball or prevent the opposition blitzing right through them.

    Part of that is players, part the tactician. You can still approach competence with what we have, but my cautious endorsement of Onalfo assumed that he had learned from his mistakes in KC. The pre-season seemed to confirm that. Last weekend said otherwise. We shall see, but optimism is a difficult stance at the moment...

  5. I agree with everything you said, but remain optimistic. Maybe like was a bit strong for Simms, but he is starting worthy in MLS. His lack of distribution should be less glaring with Jakovic and Pena behind him. I actually really like the idea of overlapping center backs, with Simms dropping behind them (something I think he can and will do). I also think Pena will allow Jakovic to help Simms more in the midfield. The key will be United taking advantage of the wings, particularly the left with Wallace and Castillo.

    This is actually why I would prefer United to get a right sided midfielder who can cross rather than a center midfielder. If Namoff comes back, something looking more likely, DC could have the best width in MLS. Here is where Allsopp would become more important to battle in the air and contain to wait for overlapping midfielders.

    Like you said, this all depends on Onalfo being a better tactician then he was last game and Soehn was every game (ha, Soehn a tactician). I really do think that Pena will make our whole team smarter and better organized, much like Olsen always did.