(1) MLS = Major League Soccer, not Most League Soccer. I have no problem with you covering Americans abroad or other leagues in general, though neither would seem to fall under the purview of a league web site, but please keep such news in its own section. Why am I seeing stories about Roma and Manchester United under the heading "MLS News"? When I visit the official mouthpiece of MLS, I want to see news about MLS. I know. It's a shocking idea.

(2) Regarding highlights. I like the idea of pumping out the "condensed" matches on Match Day Live, now that you're actually getting somewhat timely about it, but I'm still only seeing five of the weekend's eight matches available today. Here's hoping that'll get better as the kinks get worked out, but in the meantime, you've already got "highlights" posted for the other matches with the game recaps, so why not have a Highlights tab in addition to the Live, Condensed, and Archive ones that serves those same streams? Would that be so hard?

(3) Who's Le Roux? Once is a slip.

Twice is pathetic (note the actual text of the article is correct...Vive L'Editor!).

Even better? Try clicking the headline or the "read more" links for that latter story...

Weak sauce, folks. I'm not sure which is the bigger failure thus far this season, DC United or

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