Yanked Abroad | A New FM Adventure

Seeing as how United's season, Kevin Payne's crazy-making notwithstanding, is in the crapper, I thought I might indulge once more in my favorite version of soccer escapism: Football Manager. Last time around I replayed the 2009 MLS season with DC United and succeeded in reaching the MLS Cup final and qualifying for the knock-out stages of the CONCACAF Champions' League.

I did give some thought to trying my hand at the 2010 season, but I figure I'll wait for FM 2011 to be released in order to have more accurate fixtures (Philadelphia will actually be part of MLS rather than some sort of ghost club and United won't be in the CCL) and rosters. So you can look forward to that during the long dark of the off season. What I'll do instead is see how far I can get in a random career...

Well, not entirely random. I'm going to activate as many leagues as seems reasonable where I know that some Yanks are plying their trade abroad. Then I'll let FM select a club for me randomly until I get a team with at least one fellow American on the roster.

So stay tuned for...Yanked Abroad.

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