United and USA Grab Bag

  • Allsopp for 2011? NO!
  • Harkes says he would be interested in DC job. Love the player. He's my connection from first love (Sheffield Wednesday) to current (DC United), but he wouldn't be in my first tier of candidates. His TV work hasn't exactly revealed a sparkling tactical mind, and, if understanding tradition and motivation of players are his primary qualifications, I think you've already got a better package (and much better TEAM guy) in Benny. For what it's worth, I don't think he's on the FO's shortlist and that this is just Harkes tooting his own horn (goaded by mic and camera to be sure, but he's never needed much prompting, has he?), but we shall see.
  • Why CONCACAF is killing the best rivalry in North America. And it's not just about losing the Mexico games; the overall level of meaningful competition for the US goes down in the proposed new system. That can't be good for the program as a whole. What's this I keep hearing in the media about disconnect from the desires of the populace and lack of accountability amongst the political leadership of this country? Oh...they're not talking about USSF are they? Maybe they should be.
  • A Joe Vide update. He was a gritty player. Here's hoping grit prevails. 

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