EFCOG's and Abominations

Just when you think this season can't possibly induce more pain, you get a loss like the one this weekend. Missing a match reaction? Just hit the rewind button; it's getting a bit stale to keep writing...Najar is the greatest thing since fish sprouted legs, Perkins is a seeping pile of suck, mistakes kill. That about sum it up?

Makes you wonder how some of these clowns are getting what amounts to an 80%+ approval rating in the protected list vote. Of course, after that moment of wondering, you realize that the reason they're getting so many votes is that the few bits of relative quality shine so much brighter considering the utter void of talent surrounding them. Anybody want to crank that softball over the left field fence and play blame game with the FO?

Speaking of those particular devils, Goff says...
The buzz in soccer circles is also that United plans to initially focus on experienced foreign candidates.

Hmmm. EFCOG (Enigmatic Foreign Coaching Genius) got bounced in the quarterfinals of last year's Next Coach Cup. Looks like he's the favorite this time around. And yes, you can read that as "FBF will be running the Next Coach Cup again in 2010." That said, why is the name Kevin Keegan "floating around"? Isn't the idea to bring some tactical structure to the team? Seems to me that hiring a manager known for giving players their head wouldn't be the brightest approach for a team that makes as many boneheaded blunders as this one. Bah! Sounds like more half-assed name chasing to me.

The good news? Only four games left of this misery (at least for this season). The question becomes, which is in more danger of being surpassed, 20 goals or 20 points? We're currently on 18 for both. 18! After 26 freakin' games.

What an abomination.


  1. Apropos of mostly nothing (File under tactical nous, if you must)...

    I haven't looked too hard, but I haven't seen people talking about the new-to-MLS tactics Backe busted out in LA on Friday. He had Marquez dropping back between the center backs when NY had possession, allowing both fullbacks (including Carey Talley... I'm shocked, too) to advance into midfield. It's something Marquez has been doing for Mexico, and obviously it's been at least somewhat successful here.

    To bring it back around, I'm just going to lament the fact that we hired Curt Onalfo and landed DPs like Gallardo and Boskovic instead of what those bastards in Jersey got. My kingdom for a little tactical novelty!

  2. Interesting. I only saw highlights of the NY/LA game, so I really didn't have any grasp of the tactics employed, but that sounds an awful like what Barcelona (and Spain) have been doing with Busquets. (et voila!)

  3. I really only got to watch the first half, but it was pronounced enough that Harkesy himself caught it - he pointed out that Red Bull looked like a 3-4-3 while in possession. I was so proud of the guy - he just tries so hard up there in the booth, and to get one right. What a night for the big guy.

    I thought of Busquets, as well (and I do love me some ZM).

    Anyway... as sad as it makes me - as sad as it should make any self-respecting United fan - Red Bull look to be a legit threat in the playoffs this year. I can only hope they miss out on their trophy in truly heart-breaking fashion. Just not to the Galaxy; fuck those guys, ammiright?

    In re: EFCOG's, might I throw a name out there: Chilean tactician Marcelo Bielsa. I'm sure the DCU brass can pull him away from his gig at the Chilean national team...